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Finding Reputable Places to Buy Modafinil Online Without a Prescription

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Modafinil is a nootropic which is popular with students looking to improve their focus, and with others who are trying to do better at work, or even get increased focus for their hobbies. It can be difficult to get Modafinil online though because the popularity of it means that there are a lot of vendors out there, and some of them are less reputable than others.

Some of the most popular vendors are ModafinilStar, Modup, ModaPharma, and DuckDose. These vendors are well known, well established, and provide a range of options for people who want to retain their anonymity. For example, it’s possible to pay with bitcoin if you don’t want to use a traditional payment processor. However my personal favorite is DuckDose. You can read the full review here:

Indeed, paying with cryptocurrency can make a lot of sense. While the majority of modafinil vendors are well-intentioned, they are not always IT experts, and they may have insecure checkout pages. If you are worried that the company you are buying from falls into that category, then one option could be to use a service that generates single-use credit card numbers so that you can provide them with a card that can be used for just that one transaction.

When you buy modafinil online, you are probably doing so because you don’t have a prescription. This is illegal in many parts of the world, including in the USA, the UK, Australia, and Canada. If your order is inspected by customs and confiscated, then you may receive a letter telling you that the package has been held. In that case, you have the option of getting the package reshipped. Some people are cautious and will use a different address if they reship packages, to avoid customs becoming suspicious.

In general, it makes more sense to get a prescription before you order. There are many well-mans clinics that will do this for you. It is interesting to note that modafinil is intended for use to treat narcolepsy, but it is becoming increasingly popular amongst healthy people, and it could well be on the list of drugs that will see their requirements relaxed, because extensive studies have been conducted on the drug over the last few years, and it has been found to be safe for short-term use, as well as non-addictive. There are few side effects for most people.

Modafinil is used to improve your focus, and it can help to improve your memory, learning, and potential, and help your focus to get better too. The strongest impact is seen on longer and more complex tasks, and in helping to improve mood and creativity.

There are some negative side effects, for some people, but as stated earlier they are rare. Those who are typically creative sometimes found that they actually became LESS productive, but those with focus issues found the opposite. There was some impact in terms of nausea, anxiety, and headaches, but again not everyone suffered from this and some people who took a placebo also struggled with this, which suggests that the side effects may not be associated with the drug as such.

There are other smart drugs, such as Ritalin, and these are usually prescribed for people who are suffering from a clear medical condition such as ADHD. Doctors advise against healthy people taking Ritalin because of the long-term side effects, but modafinil appears to be a safer smart drug. There is still a lot to be learned about the long-term side effects of it, and it is hard to get approval for a long-term trial in the use of a smart drug for people who do not have an existing medical condition. For this reason, doctors are keeping it prescription only for now.

Caffeine and nicotine are both thought to have short-term benefits and long-term penalties, so it is hard to justify the use of modafinil in that context. If you are thinking of buying it online, make sure that the supplier is one that has a lot of positive reviews and that it has been trading for a long time. Be wary of importing drugs from China or India, and look for a seller from a western country that sells a recognized brand. Be aware that it is common for companies to try to fake the packaging of the recognized brands. Pay close attention to the packaging, and again do as much background research as you can on the companies before you buy. Use bitcoin if you can, to protect your financial details, that way you don’t have to give out anything more than the shipping address. Remember that it is technically illegal to buy modafinil online in countries where it is prescription only, so this is always a case of buyer beware.

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